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Mission as Coffee, Chatting and Charity Fund-raising

This morning is our annual lunch club coffee morning.  A couple in their 70's open their home - a very ordinary semi-detached house - for the purpose and people zim along the road to get there (to zim v. art of walking with a zimmer or wheeled walking aid).  A few of us drive round gathering those whose zimming days are over, then we sit around drinking coffee and sorting out the world's problems over digestive biscuits.  Another church member acts as 'shopkeeper' for the bring and buy stall and we part with our pennies in exchange for secondhand books, bars of floral scented soap or tins of exotic or unusual foodstuffs.  After the event ends any left over stuff is taken to one of the charity shops in town.

Today's efforts are to support the local community hospital - a place where many of our folk get their chiropody and physio done, where many have been treated in the specialist stroke unit and others have been tended in their final days.

It promises to be a good morning and seems to tick rather a lot of boxes of what church is really about.  Now then, where is that box of barbie pink stationery I was given for Christmas....


  • That sounds great - hope it goes well.

  • It did - raised £150 and the barbie pink paper sold almost immediately! Of course the minister had to buy back the tin of mandarin segments she bought last time and took with her this...

  • Church as recycling. Very theology of creation!

  • I love mandarin segments, so if you're looking for someone to eat them just let me know!

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