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'I'm Going to Baptist Assembly and in my suitcase is...'

Do you recall those endless games your parents made you play (or you have made your children play) to while away long journeys?  Well I'm now playing one as I decide what are the essentials for Friday's train ride to Bournemouth.

I'm Going to Baptist Assembly and in my suitcase is...

  • a delegate's badge or they won't let me in!
  • a pair of flip-flops so that I am properly dressed for attending Prism
  • a Bible for the Prism Bible study - because when Simon says (no, that's not another game) "the clue is in the title" and people look sheepish, I don't wish to be one of them.  Trouble is the main arena Bible study isn't, its a sermon, so you don't really need a Bible...
  • A 'silent cheer' or two for the reception of ministers who have completed their NAM period
  • Some flat shoes I can run in (or the nearest I ever come to running) to get between venues for seminars etc.
  • A mobile phone so I can find the people I want to find in the main arena
  • Some plastic money for all the stuff I'll end up buying - BMS harvest, Operation Agri harvest, new BUGB directory, bits of tat for church
  • A nice squishable cotton bag for carrying said items
  • A thick jumper, a thin tee-shirt, a waterproof and some sunscreen -cos you never know if it'll be hot/cold/wet/dry

There are various things I'm looking forward to for various reasons including

  • The reception of ministers (and the subversive act of silent cheering)
  • The In Memoriam - always poignant when I know people listed there, and this year are names of two linked with Dibley one of whom was a wonderful RM and friend of my folk.  (Thinks... better add tissues to suitcase!)
  • The NBC reunion and a chance to catch up with peers and friends
  • Prism
  • Still Centre, Open Space
  • Seeing friends from more Baptist churches than I can count, drinking tea/coffee, walking on the beach

Admitting to loving Assembly is not 'cool' but then 'cool' was never my thing.  Aspects of it may grate, irritate or frustrate but I do love this diverse and crazy world that is Baptist life and it is a privilege to be called to serve within it.


  • I love Assembly too! Thanks for the packing check list!
    I must remember to look for your silent cheer!

  • Glad to see Prism is on your visit list. It should be a blast.

    I have, of course, packed my flip flops!

  • Have fun - sorry I shall be missing it this year - I think I have only missed about 5 years out of the last 37. Please cheer silently but with enthusiasm for Julie for me. also for Chris weston - another Leicestershire Pastor.

  • Thanks Angela - did you know the back of your head is pictured in the programme book for this year!!!

    I think there'll be a lot of silent cheering going on one way and another! Just hope it's not a 'strike off able' offence!

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