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Minister as Stuffer of Envelopes

This morning I have to stuff 150 envelopes with letters asking churches to contribute to the cost of our association ministers' conference.  Mindless but necessary.  Another useful module for pastoral training maybe?!


  • What would you call this course?

    BCSR2f WE Stuffing Envelopes for Ministers

    Only really a half module in there I think.

    Or maybe something more generic?

    BCSR3g MW Mindless but Necessary: the Praxis of Ordained Ministry.

    And who would you choose to teach this course?

    Perhaps you'd better treat that as a rhetorical question...

  • Well, I did do BCSR3a (?) generally known locally (to NBC) as Theology and Practice of Ordained Methodism...

    On balance maybe it should be BCSR1c - or whatever weird and wonderful nomenclature is used these days 'Introduction to Ministerial Life' - a mandatory half module on the Really Important things you need to know, such as how to put paper in the photocopier, what day the bins have to be put out and extricating elderly persons from locked lavatory cubicles.

    Who should teach it? Hmm How about Revd A J? :-)

  • I woudn't know how to do any of those things...

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