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The Extra Mile

Over the last few weeks I have had quite a few conversations with the demolition team next-door, and they have shared odd memories of what the street was like in the 1950's when they grew up here.  Yesterday one of them said, 'oh, we found some bits you might want' which turned out to be programmes from 'sermons' (as it happens those held by the Methodists who borrowed our, larger, building) in 1966, 1977 and 1986.  At one level these very grubby pamphlets, posted through my letterbox last night,  are utterly worthless, at another they are valuable historical documents.  They could so easily have been consigned to the gehenna (can I call a long-running bonfire that?!) at the far end of the site but someone spotted their value and rescued them.  That sounds like an extra mile walked to me.

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