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"Legacy Issues" - A desire for corporate prayer!

When I used to work in the nuclear industry an increasing amount of effort went into what was termed "legacy issues" - basically work concerned with what happened after the stations were closed and decomissioned, as vital as the work done during their working life.  The next few weeks sees me doing "legacy issues" for church.  In a sense this is quite affirming - that people want to continue some of the intitiatives I've led seems on the whole a good thing, even if it does mean a lot of faffing around to pull together what they think they need.

Among the requests to date is some guidelines on how to do the lunch time prayer meetings for Lent and Advent, including "where do you get the sheets from" (er, I make them up!).  I am really pleased that people want to continue to meet for prayer in this way, and that they are ready to accept the challenges of hosting, cooking and leading.  So now I guess I need to get them some study books/guides to start them off (I don't quite make it up ex nihilo, I adapt study material) and produce some outline forms based on the various 'daily office' books kicking around my house.

If one of my legacies is that people continue to meet for prayer and fellowship, then that's a good thing.  Plus it gives me the confidence to offer something similar a few degrees north...

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