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Just for fun...

If you haven't yet discovered The Beaker Folk of Husbourne Crawley (HT Andy Jones who introduced me to them some time ago; see link, left) or of you need some relief from hymnological absurdity, check this out, it's fun.


  • Actually, not much 'fun' as I am now starting to go through some of the songs we sing and wonder what the implications would be if I changed the words slightly. I sometimes wonder if we sing some songs more because of a catchy tune or strong melody, than we do because of the meaning (or not!) of the words. This week we were going to have 'We'll Walk The Land' but I think I may change the first line to 'We'll Take The Car'. Actually, thinking about it, this is a lot of fun after all! Thanks Katriona!

  • I've been meaning to thank you for putting me on to this. Much delight - and I will resort there to sustain me through marking the essays which have just aarrived on my desk.....!

  • So, by the time I see you at D+300 you'll have had more than enough of me between essays and ministers' conferences... Sounds like I owe you large amounts of chocolate or wine or both! Either that or you can do laying on of hands around my neck...

  • Richard - have just checked your web page - think that's a busy w/e for new beginnings! Blessings to you all at RSBC

  • Thanks for directing me to this - I am much amused!

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