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Leave taking

There really, really will be no more posting for a while as in theory I am on leave this week and at a couple of conferences next.

Leave is theoretical, not because I don't think it's important to take it - it sure as heck is and I'm allegedly the first DBC minister in many a long year who has insisted on taking all their leave - but because there are a few important pastoral things still to be done.  I need to say goodbye to a person with a terminal illness and to check his choice of hymns so I'm ready for the phone call when it comes... I need to do a couple of hospital visits to say farewell to folk who were absent over the weekend.  I also have a BMF meeting in Didcot - the last before I undergo Union Reassignment, something I'm told is painless!!

Next week I spend 2.5 days being 'refreshed' by BUGB - so I will be chilled and ready when they hand me over to BUS on 1st October and then 2.5 days at the EMBA ministers' conference, which I have helped organise these last four years.

Betwist and between I have to finalise some sort of phone/broadband arrangements to tide me over at D+300 (big thanks and a 'shout out' to Will who has been advising on this) visit Dibley municipal tip a few times, register with some university or other for the coming academic year (don't ask!  Really.  Do not) and enjoy not having to set the alarm clock for a while!

I will see some of you at D+300 on 3rd October and others in blogland in the near future.  Until then, then...



  • Is Union Re-asignment anything like Gender Re-asignment? If so, then good luck in your new role... first trans-gender minister in ... ;)

  • Er, thanks Tim... I think! ;-)

    Actually I think it involves having a few 'ochs' inserted into my vocabulary.

    I am intending to remain female thanks all the same - I think that's the whole point of the Union Reassignment... were I t'other gender it would be less essential.

  • Thank you for your blog. I read it regularly and have greatly enjoyed your reflections on daily ministry. I'll miss you while you're off line but look forward to your return to blogland. All the very best to you in all that lies ahead. May God bless you!

  • Union Reassignment: very Dr Who!

    We await with eager anticipation your regeneration as a newly reaccredited CyberPriest...

    ...the noo.

  • Just to wish you many dancing blessings as you move north of the border. I think as you move to take up your new pastorate the words of June Boyce-Tillman's hymn are entirely appropriate (unlike the last time I sung this hymn after a certain vote at a certain Scottish Assembly over a decade ago) so as you begin a new ministry we wish you blessings from Openshaw Baptist Tabernacle - our thoughts and our prayers are with you:

    May you sing songs of wrongs that can be righted,
    May you dream dreams of hurts that can be healed,
    May you give a voice to those who have not spoken,
    May you find words for those whose lips are sealed,
    May you make the tune for those who are still weeping,
    May you chant hymns of strength for hearts that break in grief
    May you leap and dance the resurrection story
    Including all within the circles of God's love.
    (c) June Boyce-Tillman adapted by C. McBeath

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