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Connecting and Disconnecting

Been an odd kind of a week.  Positive but mildly odd, and reaching its inevitable conclusion this morning when the post brought my transfer letter from BUGB to BUS proclaiming in black and white the change that occurs at midnight Wednesday/Thursday.

The BUGB refresher conference was, for me, extremely good, perhaps because I opted out of a lot of the bits others found less helpful.  It was good to find among the 'five' year olds several other foot-stamping six-year-olds who had settled slightly later than their peers - a group within a group perhaps - and to realise that actually, who really cares anyway, it's more fun to feign the foot-stamping than actually to do it.  Steve Finamore's studies in Jeremiah were excellent and thought provoking, Rachel Haig's sharing of her experiences and Richard Kidd's session on art and prayer were superb.

The EMBA conference was its usual self.  Ruth Gouldbourne's interactive studies on Baptist identity using Matthew 18 as a starting point were especially welcome, enjoyable and helpful.  It was good to meet up with friends and colleagues, to learn, to listen, to grumble, to be, to pray.  Some entertaining late night chats.  The last hymn we sang in the closing worship was my Dad's funeral hymn, which gave the ending a slightly odd feel!!  Almost twenty years on there is no sting in singing it, but there was some kind of irony somewhere along the line.

So, now a weekend in which I must send the last few essential emails, visit the tip a few last times, disconnect the computer (which seems to be enjoying its resurrected status!) and go to the new thing that God is doing.

It all feels slightly scary right now - which is probably as it should be - but the affirmation and encouragement I have received this last week, along with the assurance of the prayers of people in Baptist high places (and not so high!) reassure me that all will be well and all will be well and all manner of things shall be well.


  • Have a good move! It was good to catch up with you this week.

  • Safe Journey to Pastures New.
    Different sheep, same Shepherd

  • Splutter!!! R : )

  • "Och Aye The Noo!" I've no idea what it means but it's the only bit of Scottish I know! I hope your move goes well and you quickly settle into your new role.

    Richard Malin (Radford Semele Baptist Church)

  • I hope your move to Scotland goes really well. Remember to blog your thoughts and feelings as you settle in. More importantly, remember that the God who called you into ministry has a Scottish accent too.

  • Happy landings!

    I hadn't realised Scots was the other language of heaven. In that case, you may need the following link to interpret the word of the Lord...


  • So did the great and the good manage to induct you to Hillhead today ? What was the seismic count in Scotland ? Can hardly imagine how Scottish Baptist life will be transformed with the NBLC feminine effect.

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