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Happy Landings!

Well, all credit to my ISP Madasafish, I am back online at the appointed day/time and have just begun the delightful (?) task of sifting through almost 100 emails.  Also big thanks to Pickfords who made the move very smooth even if, for some reason, they think an ironing board or a clothes horse are furniture...!!

A truly wonderful weekend - if decidedly exhausting and yet to be properly processed.  The generosity and attention to detail of my new congregation has been enormous, and my new office/vestry is a lovely place to work, reflect, meet and be.  It will also mean that boundaries between home and work are maintained for the first time in a decade!

This is just a very brief post to let people know I am still alive, to thank everyone at/in BUGB and BUS for their prayers and support, to let Keith Jones know that no, it wasn't an earthquake just gales (hurricane Catriona has arrived...) and demonstrate that Lazarus the Computer is stilled in its state of anastatis - long may it continue!  Now, once I've read the emails I intend to get some air, post a few thank you cards and relax after an exhausting and exhilarating few days!




  • Good to have you back! Looking forward to future posts in ?????? (have you named t yet?)

  • Really!
    Good luck to you!
    Have nice vacations and good time!

  • What comes after Dibley?

  • I hope you settle in well and find the love and support that you need to undertake your new role.

  • Hi Catriona, congrats on the move, I have also recently moved I am now in Nuneaton and Andy Jones kindly told me your news. Enjoy , and blessings Helga

  • Thank you all for your kind messages.

    Everyone at church has been incredibly kind, loving and welcoming.

    I am pretty exhausted after the move and working out just how few boxes I really need to unpack whilst living in temporary accommodation (a salutary lesson in the level of clutter we all accumulate) but having a good time so far.

    Do keep calling by to see how things unfold.

    Good to hear from you Helga - you are truly blessed to be near my good friend Andy, and I'm sure you will bring lots of life and energy to your patch. G&P.

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