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Only in Britain

On Sunday afternoon, between the two services, I went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to see one of my all time favourite paintings - a kind of homage/pilgrimage visit I guess - to see Dali's Christ of St John of the Cross.  As a child it was the first religious painting that captured my imagination, almost chanced upon as,on a rare visit to Glasgow to see my grandparents, we visited the museum and there it hung, splendid and awe inspiring.  I last saw it a few years back when it was temporarily housed at the St Mungo museum of religious art.  On Sunday I was very disappointed to discover it relegated to a dingy corner, poorly lit and missed by many people on their way to see other things.  Only in Britain...

Other more amusing and curiously British aspects of the experience were some of the curious and crazy juxtapositions.  Seemingly inches above the heads of stuffed African animals hung a Spitfire - something really bizarre about a giraffe able to eye-ball the (invisible) pilot of a war plane.  In the main atrium children built daleks from k'nex whilst overhead the mighty organ boomed out a free recital to people sipping coffee from paper cups in the coffee shop bit.  There was something delightfully irreverent and comical and curious and fun about the whole experience.  Something that you probably have to be British to 'get.'

I wish the Dali was better located, but maybe, just maybe, there is an important irony that on a Sunday afternoon when people enjoy the melee of music and natural history and science fiction and valuable art that Jesus sneaks into a corner almost unobserved...?

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