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Would You Adam and Eve it? Cor Blimey Guv I need a translation

On the radio this morning an item was read out about a translation company in London that is advertising for translators who speak Glaswegian to help out their business customers.  Evidently Scouse and Geordie may follow... Bloomin' cheek!  Sounds like London-centricity gone mad to me.  Away an boil yer heid!


  • I'm not remotely surprised. When I first came to England and hadn't learned to slow my speech down enough for them to follow, I was regularly told by Mancunians that they needed a translator. It was clear that they sincerely believed their own vernacular to be perfectly intelligible to everyone else and that we Scots were the problem! Twenty one years on, nothing has changed....

    However, I have to admit to being secretly amused that MI something couldn't understand Mick McGahey when they bugged him...! Off to practise sounding more Scottish now......

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