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Amnesia and Re-inventing Wheels

Yesterday morning I was givng my computer a much needed tidy up, deleting files that relate to a life now past and the retention of which cannot be justified (nor is it deisrable).  Thankfully, being a fairly systematic kind of a person I went through each folder to check rather than just ditching eveything, which meant I did rediscover the odd gem that I had long since forgotten, including a set of study notes I'd developed on the 'Five Core Values' theme I currently exploring with my new church.  I was quite impressed with what I'd written all that time ago, and was mildly amused that coming at it afresh I was still saying a lot of the same things even though I'm choosing different Bible passage upon which to preach.

Alas, I may be turning into Theresa of Avila who never seemed to be able to remember what she had written (the Interior Castle drove me nuts with its constant 'I can't remember if I've said this before' references) but I do think that the material I developed for Dibley stands another airing, so I have been tidying it up and shuffling it around to fit with the order in which we are exploring the threads here.  Once I have it done, I may well post a PDF version here or at the website of my now place.  At least unlike Theresa I can do a quick electorinic search to see whethe ror not I've already said something...


  • Hi
    I did a sermon series on 5 core values a few years ago but am thinking about doing it again next year along wth 1 Cor and a series on Ancient wisdom for today's world. I was inspired by the way Prism did 5 core values through biography of baptists at Assembly this year and want to incorporate some of that. However I'd appreciate seeing what you did too so a PDF sounds great

  • Teresa of Avila doing a computer search, huh? I've often marvelled at how some of our greatest literature, theology and philosophy was written by candlelight, with quills and ink, and no cut and paste, delete or spell check. What would Calvin have achieved with a Notepad, a Blackberry and a Genevan Blog? Or what would the Interior Castle have looked like with digital graphics, sound effects and power point study notes? Sorry it's Sunday evening and the end of a holiday - so feeling a bit daft - still, Calvin and Teresa texting each other........

  • Craig - will do. Will need to remove identifying marks first though!!

    Jim - that made me chuckle. Glad you had a good break.

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