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Advent 2: Food and Friendship.

Almost at Advent 2 already - this year is hurtling to its conclusion and I, for one, feel as if I'm running to keep up.

Our second Advent lunch yesterday seemed to go well, again around 18 folk came and shared in the short reflection followed by a soup lunch.  Some were people who came last week, others were not, so overall it is probably nearer two dozen who have been involved so far.  The theme yesterday, of hospitality, was a good one and of course fits quite well with fellowship over soup and cheese.

Tomorrow is a 'progressive supper' (or 'super' as I typed first!) for which I am involved with desserts (or 'deserts' as I am wont to call them).  Having sifted few various boxes and uncovered my two favourite cook books, I am all set for a fun evening of preparing my offerings...

A raspberry cheesecake

A vegan forest fruit terrine (an experiment - I hope it works!!)

My signature triple chocolate mousse, which is an adaptation of recipe from Prima magazine about 15 years ago.  Dear oh my, I am turning into my mother/grandmother as I carefully smooth the yellowing paper to remind myself what is involved.

divine orange.jpg

maya gold.jpg

Again a bit of an experiment as this time I move from merely using Fairtrade chocolate to using Maya Gold and Divine orange milk chocolate to add a hint of seasonal flavours.


I am looking forward to an enjoyable evening of food and friendship, which will also help to raise funds towards the redevelopment of our Gathering Place, in turn enabling us to extend the hospitality of God to even more people in the years ahead.

PS for foodie followers, if the recipes turn out well, I may even post them for you!


  • Triple chocolate mousse - mmm - but none of them are very Glasga - they need a pie crust and lots of custard on them.

  • Hee hee, I'm sure people can add custard if they so wish, and pastry for that matter. Indeed they can have deep fried jelly if they want it, who am I to judge? I am assured that my partner in crime is organising tarts (of the pie variety) so all will be well.

  • Please do supply the recipes. It's nearly tea time and this post is making me hungry!

    P.S. I told our interfaith group on Monday night that Advent used to be a season of fasting...

    I'm not sure whether all this chocolate is a secular innovation (how many chocolates left until Christmas?) or a Protestant reaction (fasting bad - feasting good - but in moderation of course)? Fair trade though. Must be ok!

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