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Recipe 1: TTV&V Fruit Terrine


This one is really simple and quick to do - and quick to post which is as well as today has suddenly turned busy!  The other two will follow later

You need:

1 bottle of sparkling grape juice drink

1 packet of frozen forest fruits (thawed)

3 tablespoons of agar flakes*

2 dessert spoons of sugar

A 2lb loaf tin


Put half a pint of grape juice in a saucepan, sprinkle on the agar flakes and heat according to instructions on the packet.  Add another half pint of grape juice and the sugar - it will foam up but that's fine.

Pour in enough liquid to cover the base of the tin to about 7mm/quarter inch and chill in freezer for 15 mins

Add the fruit to the tin

Slowly pour over the rest of the liquid, tapping the tin which apparently removes air bubbles

Leave in the fridge to set

Easy peasy!  Teetotal, vegetarian and vegan. It works about 50 kCal a serving, contains half a portion of your 5 a day and is excellent for 'men of a certain age' or as a precaution for younger men because it is 'all things red'  Just how good is that?!

If you want to use alcohol (which will impact to a degree on setting) or gelatine then feel free.

ENJOY!  Oh, and you can drink the left over grape juice too!!


* Having made this dish and discovered how soft the set was when I turned it out, it may be better to use a little extra agar.


  • I must try this one. I've got as bag of FFF in the freezer. Thanks!

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