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Snow Choice - Let Us Pray!

Emerging from a few totally non-serious prayer requests, and the need to confess to my own folk that actually I didn't 'hex' the snow on Sunday cos (a) I don't know how to and (b) the BU would probably excommunicate me if I did...

Dear God, recognising that all things are possible for you, and that there is nothing you like better than answering the prayers of your children offered in faith, we humbly beseech you:

To let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, but only at night

And that the snow you give us might be deep, crisp and even,but confined to parks and gardens, excluding the paths, slopes and steps, so that children can play and old people pass in safety

That you would hold back the hand of the evil spirit of 50mm-on-the-church-roof lest we should be forced to cancel our services

That you would keep clear all roads, railways lines, airports, channel tunnels and sea lanes, or, failing that, make the drifts to part as did the red sea to allow safe passage to your children.

That you would arrange, for all Christmas weddings, that there be a smooth, crisp covering of non-slip snow on the ground, an azure blue sky and an ambient temperature of around 18C

Or, failing that, realising that you are not a benign genie and recognising that actually you promise to answer faithful prayers consistent with your will

Grant us enough common sense to know when to stay indoors rather than risking life and limb to go out

Grant us enough generosity of spirit to look out for those who may be trapped in their homes, alone and lonely, with only a radio for company

Grant to children freedom from exploitation or abuse and the gift of innocent enjoyment and the making of memories

Keep safe all those whose work it is maintain as best they can the transport networks of our land, giving them wisdom in their decision making and strength in their endeavours.  For emergency services, hospitals, emergency shelters and commercial enterprises, grant compassion, skill and generosity.

For those who begin relationships we pray for life-long love and mutual trust; for those bereaved, separated or divorced, we pray for comfort and courage

For our worship and our mission, may we remember the 'why' as well as the 'what' so that decisions to proceed or cancel are informed by your wisdom and your love extended to those who lives intersect with ours.

Lord, in your mercy, transform our wants into your will, that we may glorify him whose name we bear, even Christ our Lord, Amen.


  • When I got to church on Sunday morning one of our newer members was already on his third journey to the Co-op for salt to put on the church steps. My prayers had been answered.

    Praise the Lord and pass the snow shovel!

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