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Questions, Questions!

Yesterday was my first Church Meeting since moving north.  It was a good natured affair and people seemed to engage well with the material I gave them to help us begin to reflect on the next step of our life together.  As part of this there was an opportunity to ask any questions they wanted about the story to date concerning the redevelopment of our premises (yes, my role in life is a bit of a Joshua-meets-Samson-meets-Nehemiah role it seems!) as well as starting to think about life beyond that.

So, on Friday the question was 'what does the minister do all day'?

On Sunday it was 'what do the Deacons (by any other name) do?' (and also one of the other groups)

I think the follow-up to these must be... 'and what does the congregation do?'!

Once you move beyond the laughter, they are actually not bad questions to think about.

Anyway, I have collated more than two dozen questions raised by our folk, am seeking answers from those in the know where I don't yet, and am yet to collate the ideas and thoughts about "what next" which is where the excitement really begins.


  • These are excellent questions! I wonder what answers the deacons, congregation and minister would give to them all? How much overlap would there be between expectations and reality?

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