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Toilet Twinning!

Now that Chris Evans has taken over the Radio 2 breakfast show, it has a new feel to it.  Not 'better' than Terry Wogan, just different.  And I am enjoying it.

Today he was talking to a 'Rev' who was with the landlord of her local pub and the conversation reflected the place of each in their local community, and she commented on the inter-relationship of the two.  Chris always comes across as respectful of people of faith - and his former tea time show is the only one I know of that played 'There is a Redeemer' as a listener request!

A few minutes later came the bit that caught my attention though, as Moira Stewart reported the example of a Methodist church in north east England who had done a 'toilet twinning' exercise.  By charging people a penny to "spend a penny" they had raised the necessary £60 to sponsor a toilet, presumably through this organisation.  I think it's a great idea...


  • Hi, yes it is a good idea I know our 'Thursday fellowship' group did something like this and gave pennies for water aid or something similiar. They are also encouraging people to do it through lent by following the Christian Aid 'Count your blessings' material. Its good to know what resources and ways there are out there to raise money for different things!

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