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Moving Update

The move has gone well.  All my furniture fits into the new flat, all the boxes have been opened and the vast majority emptied and sorted.  It appears a couple of pictures have gone astray, so I will have to get onto the original movers to see if they have a 'lost property' stash into which they may have been put as long ago as last autumn.  If they are lost for good I will be disappointed, but it's hardly the end of the world is it?

Anyway, I have rediscovered muscles I had forgotten I had (which now ache) and have a brain like so much cotton wool after a few days of physical hard labour.  This is when I realise that I am 47 not 27!

Still, I am loving my new home, and have all but one room pretty much sorted out now.  I also have no less than 6 boxes of stuff for the church spring fair as I have unpacked boxes and wondered just why I still had some assorted clutter I did.  And, shock horror, there are even a fair few books amongst what is going... maybe I am finally learning to hold my possessions a little more lightly?

Now I just need to finish preparations for tomorrow's service on the theme of 'time' as part of our stewardship... and then maybe fall asleep!

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