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So, this morning I was a good girl - I undertook my first piece of reflective journalling for my Practice Mentor Course.  I logged into Blackboard, typed it all up, opted to spell check before saving and... crash!  All was lost.  An hour's work not down the drain, because the thinking was useful, but lost so far as UWS was concerned.  So, as today is not my Sabbath, I bought a sandwich from the shop round the corner (without getting zapped!) and returned to my computer to try again.  This time I wrote it in Word, saved it, checked it, re-saved it and then imported it to Blackboard... it seems to have worked.

Shame about the word count, but could not have done it in many less words...

Useful exercise in something or other... not so much in how to do theological reflection as in how to avoid exploding when the technology mis-behaves.  It was so much easier writing them with a pen once a week for three years for NAM, even if the postage costs were enormous...

We were advised that this exercise takes about 30 minutes - and I'd concur as a minimum (usually takes me nearer an hour) - thanks to technology it's taken me nearer 240...  Ah well.

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