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Blogging Responsibilities

I have my own blog ettiquette that runs roughly thus:

  • Never post anything you wouldn't say to anyone mentioned/alluded to face to face.
  • Never post anything that you think might harm or offend those who are the subject

Sometimes I get that wrong, and maybe this one did, even though I thought long and hard before I posted it.

So, if anyone reading was hurt or offended, I'm sorry.

Freedom carries responsibility but humans sometimes foul up... thankfully God's grace and mercy are limitless even if our own are not.


  • Having recently caused some upset myself, you have my sympathy! It is perhaps even more difficult when blogging to tread that fine line between expressing strongly held views and causing offence. There is a strange dichotomy between sitting alone at the computer and realising that there are a growing number of folk reading our musings - not all of whom share our viewpoint.
    If it is any consolation, I thought your beautiful, poetic reflection on true mission was very powerful. And the thrust of your piece, that mission needs to concentrate on proclaiming the gospel and not maintaining the institution of the church was spot on.

  • Thanks Tim.
    As you say, it's a tricky balance and I'm grateful that for the most part my experience of the blogging world is one of grace and tolerance.

    On the Fresh Expressions DVD is a Methodist minister who says something to the effect that when he meets God face-to-face he wants to be able to say "I tried"... I felt in those words all the affirmation and encouragement I needed for the missional endeavours I've been involved with, and will continue to be part of.

    God does not see or measure as humans do... thankfully!!

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