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Watching Paint Dry?

Last night I went to the AGM of the Flat Owners Association.  Whether it is technically I or one of the church trustees who should go is debatable, but given how thrilling it was, perhaps better that it was me.  The Committee clearly work very hard and seem to be far more building orientated than I am, for which I am very grateful.  It's just that discussions over whether to use to matt or egg-shell paint, whether the street doors should be black (as now) or white (as originally), whether the contract cleaners or the contract gardeners should pick up the litter, remind me of the very worst in church meetings as epitomised by "Upson Downes Baptist Church" a few years back at the English Assembly.

These days it always seems odd to be in meetings that don't start or end with prayer and where the participants only ever come together once a year for an AGM, ironically held in a church hall.  Evidently extra meetings are sometimes called - and take place in the car park!  More positively there was a suggestion of a communal bulb planting effort and/or a communal white line painting party in the car park... creating community is harder in residential developments than in churches where at least there is some sense of intentionality.

Anyway, approval was given for redecoration of the building externals, evidently now overdue, so at some point I'll be able to watch the paint, of whatever colour it ends up, drying.

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