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SBMF Conference

Tomorrow I'm off to St Andrews for my first ministers' conference in Scotland.  The programme looks rather different from those I've experienced in England, in so far as there are a couple of seminar slots when you get to choose from two or three options: this suggests it might well be a bigger event (or that the groups will be tiny).  I'm not wild about something that finishes at ~7pm with a two hour drive home, but it will be good to experience this thing in all its fullness, so will avoid the temptation to duck out early.  For the record, no, I won't be spoiling any good walks, not least as I wouldn't know which end of the bat to hold! ;-)

Even though I have met some delightful ministers through my college course (which I passed, woohoo, I'm now a thrice-qualified mentor) I am a bit apprehensive of being in such a different context.  I recall the trepidation with which I attended my first EMBA conference and also how it soon became evident that others were equally anxious.  I recall the grace and love that was evident among ministers and lay pastors as diverse in theology and church-personship as one could imagine.  Whilst I will notice the lack of women this time (EMBA was unusually high) I am sure that there will be more that is blessing than bane.

Who knows, there may even be a few other Happy Heretics out there...!


  • Well, you should meet my father there - not sure if he comes into the heretical category, but he's pretty happy! Hope it goes well, and give my love to St A's - I spent 4 very happy years there, and my ony claim to spoiling a good walk is building a sandacstle in the bunker of the 18th on the Old Course, very late one night......

  • You could enter the putting contest at "The Himalayas" - bats provided :)

  • Hello Radical Believer, nice to 'meet' you.

    Um, not unless I was into ritual humiliation... seriously I don't know how to hold the 'bat' never mind hit with it. Ruth's sandcastles sound more my line!

  • If you want a retreat, the Whey Pat is by far the best pub in town. And their Nachos are to die for. I study in St Andrews (though sadly am at home in Didcot at the moment!)


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