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Lots of Gold Stars and No Grey Dots!

It's been a VERY busy day and some people at church have worked EXTREMELY hard to make it the success it has been: I'm tired and I even had a relatively easy day (alas I'm not 27 anymore....)

The Sunday School did an amazing job leading our morning worship, including sharing two short films they'd made, one on creation and one on Ecclesiastes 3, and a delightful story by Max Lucado called You Are Special. In the story the Wemmicks, a race of wooden people, award each other stickers every day based on how they perceive each other: gold stars for good, grey dots for not good.  The point of the story is that creator loves each Wemmick irrespective of gold stars and grey dots.  Knowing ourselves valued means we don't need any stickers.  But we humans aren't so clever, and we all crave a few gold stars - and if I'd had some gold stars today the Sunday School  would have been covered in them!  So virtual gold stars will have to suffice.

The afternoon session with Werner Jeanrond attracted almost 70 people - who (the 70) it has to be said enjoyed copious amounts of croissants and coffee/tea.  His exploration of love and its demands was beautiful in its simplicity yet profound in its implications.  A very gracious man, who combined gentle humour with powerful intellect.  Some great audience participation from people of various faiths and none.  More virtual gold stars!

Lastly the choral communion, with a combined choir totalling a couple of dozen, aged from about 8 to 70, and an overall congregation of about 50.  Combining a selection of sprituals, Bible readings, hymns and reflections it was a leisurely end to a busy day; a space to slow down and enjoy God, each other, ourselves and creation (link to Prof Jeanrond's theme!).  I used a 'story telling' approach for the communion, including a bit of Hebrew (written out phonetically!) which seemed to be well received.  Still more food, and some enjoyable conversations.  And even more virtual gold stars.

So now I'm yawning contented yawns, the kind that say 'this has been a good day,' and I'm looking forward to next week's events...

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