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Deciduous Trees.... and overworked angels

Every family has its legends and its tales of when it's members were small.

One of the tales in my family relates to when I was a toddler, or mabe just a little older.  In the autumn I had seen the road sweeper, a man called Mr Kitely (no idea how to spell that) sweep up the fallen leaves from the trees.  When spring arrived and I saw the new growth evidently I said "Oh look, Mr Kitely has put the leaves back on the trees."  How much this is true and how much just family lore I have no idea.  But I find comfort in the story on a day when I feel a bit like a deciduous tree, wondering just how many leaves will fall this day and how long it will take.

As I walked home from church, enjoying the feel of the wind in my hair, I pondered the uneviable task God is presumably asisgning to some minor angel to keep count of the hairs on my head... I think maybe they should be given a break and told to return next spring.

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