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Like a lot of people I know, I watch Strictly on a Saturday.

Every week Bruce Forsyth winds me up, but he did it big time tonight with his ridiculous 'ay up, ay up' attributed to Blackpool/Lancashire.

What can I say?  How to offend the North West of England and the East Midlands in one fell swoop.

Ay up - with m'duck on the end - is definitely an East Midlands expression.

I have yet to meet a Lancastrian, Mancunian or Cheshire resident who would use that expression.  Ay up?  'Eck as like!

Ah, the south-centric nature of UK-wide broadcasting.  Mutter, mutter, mutter...


  • Quite right, m'dook. It'd be "chook" in Lancs, I reckon. Air Ada'd be livid. And if you don't know who Air Ada was, you must be from the other end of the East Midlands.

  • I recorded it yesterday and watched it later in the evening - fast forwarding past all of his inane banter - so much better!

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