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Mary of Bethany... A Possibility

This afternoon I have spent a little while starting to ponder the three M&M readings to begin to reflect on them from the perspective of Mary.  I copied out the verses that allude to her (part of the way I think by writing) and was struck by the fact that in each story she ends up by Jesus' feet...

Luke 10:39 'Mary sat at the Lord's feet....'

John 11: 32 '[Mary]... fell at his feet...'

John 12: 3 '[Mary] poured [the oil] on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair...'

I think there's a sermon possibility in there somewhere.

(and no, not one about Mary's foot fetish... that'd get me struck off) (sorry it's still Saturday and I'm still on the "silly settee")


  • I have a painting of Mary Martha and Jesus in my hall and my friend commented on it yesterday and we got nattering, as you do and I was saying how I feel really sorry for Martha in the Luke story and can quite understand the feelings about the cost of the oil in the John 12 story and how Jesus' responses in each surprised me initially. And my friend said how she wanted Jesus to tell Mary to go grab a tea towel & help out - lol! Whereas I want the impossible I wanted Jesus to tell everyone to go in the kitchen and help out - lol! Guess I am with you on the silly settee! How I wish I was in Glasgow tomorrow to hear what you say :) These are some of my favourite Bible stories.

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