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Hearing God's Voice?

Feeling a bit plethoric this morning!

How do you hear God?  I think I heard God yesterday through a gas service engineer.  A bit if a sense of deja vue as it reminded me of events almost exactly six years ago (ironically in 2004 all dates from 1 March onwards fell the same weekday as 2010).  The scale is different, the consequences are different, the people are different, even I am different, but in this unexpected and undesired service engineer report I felt I heard God say to me, 'see, it'll be alright.'

To explain.  Most of the time I remain upbeat, content with the way my treatment progresses, enjoying life and looking forward to the time beyond all this.  Most of the time.  But there are moments when I'm not so sure, when the 'what if fairy' of whom I've spoken before flies into my window late at night and whispers in my ear.  When I began blogging this 'journey' I said I'd be honest and try not to fall into the trap of happy Christian twaddle, and whilst I think I've avoided that, perhaps I have been too eager to protect my readers from the fears and doubts that sometimes sneak in unbidden in the wee small hours.  The last week or so the scary thoughts have been there lurking in the shadows and, whilst nowhere near the abject terror I felt in early September, they are pernicious.

So when the gas man made his pronouncement yesterday, it was as if God said to me, 'this is the stuff you can do, this is the stuff I knew would be needed here, this is the assurance you'll be alright.'

I'm not glad the gas man's report is causing us extra work, expense and hassle, of course not, nor do I think that God broke the flue to make me feel better about stuff, just that somehow in it all God reminded me that 'all will be well' and I needed to hear that.

Oh, btw, please don't feel bad you didn't spot I was being plagued by 'what ifs' - you can't know what I don't tell.  And I am fine now, honest injun.  Glasgow by frost is glorious (pace Jim) and an urgent planning meeting awaits... watch this space for exciting developments!!


  • Aye but the snaw is comin doon there as weel! Great big blizzards wi hunners ae millions ae snaw flakes. Hope the Glesga gritters are well up for it!

    And yes - there are times when the fears refuse to be circumvented by our faith. Which makes it just as well God is the one doing most of the holding. May your blessings be as numerous as our snowflakes :))

  • Glad that you are being honest about the ups and downs, certainties, hopes and fears - I am sure it will help others who find themselves in similar situations and allow them to be human - in all its fragility!

    Even Jesus had his fears and doubts (will I get burned at the stake for that statement I wonder!)

    Glad to of God's word to you in the midst of this journey.

  • Julie... you, me and those 'demonic vegetarians' as I recall it... ;-) I'll save you a space near the fire.

  • LOL!
    A never to be forgotten event!

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