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An Adventurous Advent

So, after this morning's urgent planning meeting - amply supplied with scones (said as 'skon' not 'skown' btw) and mincepies - we are all set for our advent adventure, still in our own 'backyard' but with a hired in heater until we get our system fixed.

It was a great meeting - everyone's determination to keep the show on the road and all planned activities on target was inspiring.  As was the commitment of those who took time to to come along or to phone/email their thoughts if they couldn't.  What a great congregation!  What a great God!

The fun part, for my perverted sense of fun, is that the heater is located in the part of the Gathering Place known as 'the snug' a little area near the servery where late comers hide and quite a few early birds choose to lurk just beyond reach.  It's a great place for people with tinies as they can breast feed unobserved by 'tutters' if needed.  And it's a great place for newcomers and visitors to watch from a safe distance.   But it is now out of commission for the foreseeable.  These people will have to be adventurous in one of two ways... either join the main body of the church (which will mean other people have to change seats) or climb the stairs to our upper deck*.  The meanie within me is intrigued to see what happens on Sunday as people have to sit in new places.  But the pastor within me knows that it'll be fine, that people will cope well and understand the reasons for the change.

If Advent and adventure are meant to go together, well it looks like we're on the way... Just please God, don't send 2" of snow on the 'doomed roof' before Sunday...


* It is worth noting our 'upper deck' was used recently as an overflow even with the Snug in service, we are agrowing...

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