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A World Clothed in White

Whilst I sincerely hope there is not 50mm snow on our 'doomed roof', I did delight to wake to a world in white this morning.  I think maybe I need to take a basic photography class at some point so I can discover how to take photos when it's dark, but here are a couple from this morning...











Maybe as a December-born I have an unusual love of snow and cold, and maybe being born into the 1962/63 winter influences that, but for me this morning is very beautiful.

And it reminds me of a litlte song I learned at around the age of six:

Snowy flakes are falling softly

Clothing all the world in white

High above the stars are shining

Twinkling through the wintry night.

Was it just like this, we wonder,

Starry bright and crisp and cold,

That joyous Chrimas night of old?


There is a second verse, I think, that is more overtly 'Christian', which I cannot recall, and purists will get hoity toity about the elision of Christmas with snow (though I think the song leaves the presence of snow as an unanswered question and makes no reference to where it might have been snowing).

Anyway, I love snow in an almost childlike way and it does make Glasgow look pretty.  


  • Try:- Angels spread their wondrous story:

    Jesus Christ is born today

    "Peace on earth," they sang, "and glory

    Be to God on High alway"

    So we sing the sweetest carols

    Telling how the King of love

    Came to save from heaven above

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