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Carols and Adverts

I wonder if you have seen the Sainsbury's 'Perfect Christmas' advert and, if so, like me you have been bewildered by the (presumably Welsh) choir singing the tune Ar Hyd y Nos.  What, I found myself wondering, had that to do with Christmas, beyond being a nice feel-good kind of a tune.  This morning as we sang carols round the piano I was reminded that this tune does have its place in this season, even if it is highly debatable that the advertising agency knew that!  Thank you whoever chose this carol (I forgot, shame on me)...

Come and sing the Christmas story
this holy night!
Christ is born: the hope of glory
dawns on our sight.
Alleluia! earth is ringing
with a thousand angels singing-
hear the message they are bringing
this holy night.

Jesus, Saviour, child of Mary
this holy night,
in a world confused and weary
you are our light.
God is in a manger lying,
self effacing, wealth denying
life embracing, death defying
this holy night.

Lord of all! Let us acclaim him
this holy night;
king of our salvation name him,
throned in the height.
Son of Man-let us adore him,
all the earth is waiting for him;
Son of God-we bow before him
this holy night.

From Psalm 8. Michael Perry (1942-1996) © Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
(BPW 161 for any Bappies out there)




carols-02.JPG carols-01.JPGcarols-04.jpg




Photos (c) Ken Fisher... we take our singing, and our supping, very seriously, as you can tell!  (And yes, that tinselled hat is probably the only halo I'll ever get!)


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