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Advent Three-and-a-Half

Lunchtime will be our third reflection for Advent.  These have proved popular and rain/sleet/snow permitting today will be no exception.  As I have pondered the material we are using, I have been to some degree struck by how it captures the 'halfness' of midweek meetings... although it roughly follows the traditional themes, it also points forward all the time to the next one.  Thus, today as we meet between 'John the Baptist' and 'Mary' we find hints of each.

I'm glad in a way, because Mary gets a poor deal in Protestant Christianity: sometimes we are so fearful of Mariolatry that we are instead guilty of Mary-avoidance.  Because she's Advent 4 we tend to be occupied with other things, things I love like nativity serivces and carol services, things that mean she gets overlooked.  So it seems fitting that today's Advent three-and-a-half reflection requires us to use props that hint of a more feminine, more Mary-like feel.

I am looking forward to this space to pause, and I'm off to choose my CDs now so we can have some suitably Proddie 'Mary music'!!!

And here, for those who can handle a bit of heresy (I'm not so sure about the last couple of verses) is a Roman Catholic Mary hymn that I actually quite like...

Sing of a girl in the ripening wheat,
flowers in her hand, the sun in her hair.
All the world will run to her feet
for the child that mother will bear.

Sing of a girl that the angels surround,
dust in her hand, and straw in her hair.
Kings and their crowns will fall to the ground
before the child that mother will bear.

Sing of a girl on a hill-side alone,
blood on her hand, and grey in her hair.
Sing of a body broken and torn.
Oh, the child that mother will bear.

Sing of the girl that a new man will meet,
hand in his hand, the wind in her hair.
Joy will rise as golden as wheat
with the child that mother will bear.

Sing of a girl in a circle of love,
fire on her head, the light in her hair.
Sing of the hearts the Spirit will move
to love the child that mother will bear.

Sing of a girl who will never grow old,
joy in her eyes and gold in her hair.
Through the ages men will be told
of the child that mother will bear.

Damian Lundy (1940-1997) © 1978 Kevin Mayhew Ltd


  • Hi Catriona,
    We had our midweek Advent 3 event last night and noticed the same transition from John to Mary. You are so right about Advent 4 getting swallowed up in nativity and carols! Still, I think I detect a slightly greater appreciation for Mary in Baptist circles than one there was. Thank you for all your Advent posts; I have been following them with great interest. God bless you!

  • Do you know the Graham Kendrick song "Since the day the angel came" (Thorns in the straw)?
    I find it really thought-provoking

  • Hello Both,
    Helen, I agree that's one of Kendrick's better hymns - a tear-jerker, thought-provoker.
    Rob hope all is well in 'sounds like Dibley came to Mcr' your Advent posts have been a great resource, thank you.

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