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What Kind of God (... and so what?)

Last Sunday's guest preacher reminded us that the stories in the Bible give us hints and glimpses of God's nature.  The stories of Abraham, David, Moses, Ruth, Esther, Sarah, Martha, Mary, Peter, Thomas and so on all tell us something about the God who we, as Christians, claim is all-loving.

Rob Bell, perhaps best known for the Nooma videos used by many, many churches, has, it seems been causing controversy by asking questions about how evangelical Christians understand God and how this relates to notions of heaven, hell, orthodoxy and heresy.  You can see the video that is getting him into hot water (or is that hot flames?) in some circles here.

Bell's new book 'Love Wins' comes out shortly and I have pre-ordered it.  I am looking forward to seeing what Bell really says - rather than what the critics think he might have said.  I recall the furore in some circles when Steve Chalke dared to question penal substitution as the only valid understanding of the cross; it seems Bell might be causing similar stirs across the pond.

The big question - what kind of God - has to have the 'so what.'  Whether or not people agree with what Bell concludes, he is asking important questions, and doing so publicly; for that I am grateful.

A couple of articles here and here and here.  See what you think... and I won't call you a heretic whatever you decide!!


  • Also read Robin Parry's blog - http://theologicalscribbles.blogspot.com/
    There was a day on universalism at Spurgeon's last month following on from his book, 'The Evangelical Universalist' written under the name of Gregory MacDonald.

  • Hi Catriona,

    Thanks for the link to my article and for your ever wise comments :)


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