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  • Proofing...

    ... is a slow process!  Still at it but getting there.  Surprisingly I am quite enjoying reading my stuff and concluding I'm cleverer than I thought!  Have excised around 500 redundant words (in one passage) so far and have identifed one bit of similar length for a possible rewrite... but overall its 'no bad'!

  • Lent Listening

    If you have (or sign up for) access to audiopot you can hear this year's short reflections for Lent produced by GRF based on the C of E Lent material Exploring God's Mercy (also here). 

    A combination of words and music - not too many words and lots of reflective space with the music.  Titles to date are...

    Lost and Finding the Way

    Trapped and Set Free

    Sick in Soul and Healed

    Storm Tossed and Comforted.

    One more still to come...

    C of E study title: Living the Fruitful Life

    More busy Gatherers (and a few other readers) at work, so I guess this is a kind of advert!

    (I did wonder about the inavertent (?) pun in the third title though... soul and healed.... sole and heeled?!)

  • The Poverty Truth Commission

    Some Gatherers are directly involved with this and sent me a press release type thingy.  If you in/around Glasgow you may be interested...

    Poverty Truth Commission (16th April 2011)

    ‘Nothing about Us without Us is for Us’

     You are invited to the Closing Gathering of Scotland’s first Poverty Truth Commission which will take place in Glasgow City Chambers (George Square, Glasgow) on the 16th April from 2 – 4pm (doors open at 1.15pm).  

    For the last two years, Scotland’s first Poverty Truth Commission has brought together two groups of people: people who exercise power and influence in Scottish society and people who live every day with the struggle against poverty.

    On the 16th April, members of the Poverty Truth Commission will share what we have learnt together and what we believe needs to happen now.

    It will be an inspiring and challenging afternoon. We will communicate through drama, film, music and the spoken word. We will share what we have learnt from one another. We will present our challenges to all parts of Scottish society.

    To register, please contact the Commission on info@povertytruthcommission.org or 0141 248 2905. Pre-registration is important as places are limited. You can find out more about the Commission and its members at www.povertytruthcommission.org.