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Credit Where It's Due

A while back I posted that I had ordered the USB stick recording of all the main sessions at the BUGB/BMS Baptist Assembly.  A little over a week ago it arrived, and I eagerly plugged it into my computer.  Some automatic software ran as I did so (not, so far as I have ascertained anything to do with my laptop) and I found I had a blank data stick.  Disappointed I contacted Essential Christian who were very helpful, sent me a new USB and undertook to investigate the problem.

Today my new USB stick arrived and I very tentatively plugged it into the same computer.  Immediately something started to run so I yanked it out again quickly, double checked all the settings on my machine, and then plugged it in again.  Some auto software ran but this time I discovered a full set of audio files - which I have now copied onto to my machine so they are safe.  Phew.

So, thanks to the nice people at Essential Christian for dealing with this in a professional and gracious manner without it all feeling too much like a trip to the proverbial Christian Bookshop.

I was a tad surprised that the USB wasn't read-only or protected, but at least I now have a functional version and can listen to all those speakers I've been wating to hear.


  • Glad you got it sorted! The Assembly was fab with many great sessions! :)

  • And either one or maybe two spare USB sticks?

  • The faulty/wiped one went back, so I have one, which I am carefully not wiping anytime soon!

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