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Not So Young!

Today I nipped into a supermarket near the Gathering Place to buy strawberries and cream (and alternatives) for our student picnic for tomorrow lunchtime. I handed my cotton bag to the young man at the till for him to pack my boxes of strawberries (is 2kilos enough? I hope so!) and tubs of cream and observed 'it's a bit like the Krypton Factor isn't it.' He looked bemused, so I said, I guess that's before your time... Oh dear, I was a mere 14 years old when it began in the ninteeen seventies. No wonder a lad in his late teens or early twenties didn't know what it was. Still now I have strawberries and two out of the three cream/substitutes I was after... will have to go to the Supermarket nearest home for the vegan alternative as those near church doesn't seem to sell it.


  • Sorry to say you're showing it even worse...

    It came back for another run in 2009 and 2010. So he could well have seen it.

  • Thanks Gary. Hmm, so actually he was just ignorant then...! Nice, polite, helpful but ignorant. I feel so much better now!!

  • And younger than we are!

  • Gordon Burns didn't do the recent re-run, though! I once sat at the next table to him in the Drunken Duck near Hawkshead. Fame at last.

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