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More Normality

I am typing this post sitting at my (well, the church's) shiny new computer in my office/vestry.  I spent yesterday afternoon doing the basic set-up stuff and now have a nearly up-to-date machine (why is it they preload computers with software that needed updating about a year ago?!).

Better than the new machine, lovely as it is, is the normality it brings with it: a restoration of the separation of home and work that has, for good reason, been missing these last few months.  I have to retrain myself not to feel obliged to answer church-related emails when I'm at home and not to start planning the next sermon series when I'm surfing the web for fun.

Small things please small minds, but it was lovely to stroll in to work for a 9 o'clock start (late by my standards!) in glorious sunshine.  Great to chat to the guys in the coffee shop.  Great to chat to the people who have just moved into one of our office spaces.  Great to be .... NORMAL!

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