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An Ecclesiology for Grown-ups?

A little teaser for Sunday's service. 

As I have been preparing the sermon it struck me that Baptist ecclesiology, properly understood, is very grown-up. 

It says to the local church, you have the wherewithall to discern the mind of Christ and the responsibility to seek it. 

It says, you don't need us to tell you, you are capable of working it out for yourselves.

It says Christians don't always agree on everything and that's alright.

It says, being church is hard work that will demand your energy and emotions.

But it also says, we will stand by you in your explorations, in your mistakes as well as your successes, when we agree and when we don't, because we covenant to walk together, with God, wherever we are led.

(I also note the complication of ministers being under the dicipline of the union in a way churches are not, but that's another issue!)


  • And that is where I thought (with a few more documents ranged around) the Anglican churches were.

    However, the Covenant under discussion at the moment seems to put the explorations and implementations open to challenge from other churches in the communion with 'relational consequences' for those who explore too far.

  • Great post, thanks :)

  • Great post, thanks :)

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