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Back Messages?

Amongst my post today was my pack for the Shine Glasgow half marathon - tee-shirt, training plan (ha ha), sponsor form, participant number and 'back message'.  It's the 'back message' that has got me wondering, not least because I've seen various views expressed on this aspect of cancer fund raising events.  Should there be back messages or not?  And what form ought they to take?  Some people find it very meaningful to raise money in memory of a friend or loved one whose life was claimed by cancer.  Some people like to do so as a celebration of cure or remission either personally or for a friend/loved one.  Some people find it ghoulish.  Some people don't want their names written on someone's back.  Some people are glad to be named.  So, who or what do I write on my back message?

I'm shining for...?

- well I could simply put the facts: 'research into breast cancer'

- or I could say 'to celebrate completing my breast cancer treatment' (the grammar would need a tweak or three!)

- or I could list the names/pseudonymns of people who've shared parts of my 'journey'

- or I could say 'you'


I am curious to know what other people think about 'back messages' and what you might choose to say?

If you happen to be planning to be a spectator on 10th September, look out for walker number 10248 to discover what I end up putting on my back message!


ps, I feel a parody of a Graham Kendrick song coming on.... Shine, Glasgow Shine...


  • You could be really cheesy and put Jesus.

    OK - I'll fetch my coat :-)

    PS - are you in Glasgow on 14th July?

  • lol, I could... and no doubt sing 'Jesus wants me for a sunbeam' all the way round?!

    14th July - yes, I'll be around Glasgow... thought I'd miss out storming French jails this yeasr..

  • That's good. Could you e-mail me and I'll let you know why I was asking.

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