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Fifteen Degrees Cooler (Thankfully!)

A good few days 'down south' seeing my Mum and worshipping at the church I attended as a teenager, indeed the church which is, at least indirectly, responsible for me being a minister type person, since it was joingin the GB there that led me onto what turned into this path.  It was good to see other 'girls' I grew up with - even if it is now as near as makes no odds 30 years since I left 'home' to go to university (scary, seriously scary!) - and some other friends who were considerably younger back then than I am now.

My one problem was the heat.  I'm not a sun worshipper at the best of times but add drug induced hot flushes and the heat became almost unbearable.  At risk of being 'tmi' (too much information) my daily flush count and nightly sweat count more than doubled whilst I was in the hot climes of middle England... I reckon around 20 flushes and 6 sweats is pretty 'good' going.  I am probably the only person glad to be back to the more temperate climes of Glasgow, which according to the TV are about 15C lower than London.  If the reservoirs are empty it's because I drank them dry!

Glad to be home to my own flat where I can fling wide the windows and enjoy the cool night air... and no doubt the late night revelry of my neighbours!

Looking forward to being back to work tomorrow - even if my inbox is brimming with stuff to sort!

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