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Outpatient Chaplaincy?

This is something that has kept popping into my mind over the last ten months, specifically in the light of my own direct experience and some of the experiences of folk I'm in contact with.  Hospital chaplaincy varies enormously across the NHS but seems, predominantly, to be concerned with in-patient support and/or dire emergencies (very premature neonates and major accidents).  There seems to be little, or no, provision for people whose treatment is mainly, or exclusively, done via out-patient clinics and/or day-case units.

So I am wondering, based on the fact that I find total strangers approach me when I happen to be in a hopsital wearing a clerical collar, and the fact that there were moments when I'd have valued a chaplain to pray with me as I waited for biopsy results etc., if anyone knows of any out-patient chaplaincy that occurs and/or if anyone else thinks it'd be a good idea. 

Suffice to say, I am currently pondering the possibility of exploring some voluntary chaplaincy in this kind of role, but need to do a lot of sounding out first - with church (who don't yet know I'm thinking about it) with hospitals and with chaplaincies in said hospitals.  So I thought I'd start with you, gentle readers, as you are the 'end user' kind of people!



  • I've never come across it, Catriona, though I've much appreciated the chaplaincy care I've received as an in-patient on more than one occasion. I'd be very interested to hear what kind of response you get when you broache the possibility.

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