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Sticky-up Hair and Factor 50

Nothing serious to say today and a busy day in prospect, so just to note the latest exciting adventures of the redesigned post-treatment girl I now am.

Six full months since my hair began to grow it is now about an inch or so long all over (except at the nape of my neck where it is much shorter having taken longer to return).  With hot flushes every hour or so - and sometimes as many as three an hour - it regularly gets drenched in sweat and I end up running my hands through it to 'dry' it a bit.  I noticed over the weekend that this left it sticking up in a rather fetching (and expensive looking!) style so for the moment am going with the flow and wearing it sticking up!  Works OK unitl it gets squished by my sunhat...

Between the long-term effects of chemotherapy, which have left my skin more photosensitive, and axillary surgery, which leaves me at risk of lymophedema, I now have to take extra good care of my 'affected arm' and of course being a symmetrical kind of a girl that means the 'unaffected arm' too!  So my morning routine now includes slavering on the E45 (moisturise, moisturise, moisturise*, as my plastic surgeon put it; some people can use normal moisturiser but my skin was already pretty sensitive) and then topping that with Factor 50 sunscreen (by Simple or a baby one).  Of course now it's the midge/gnat season I then need to spray some insect repellent or Avon Skin So Soft over that to try to keep the biting critters at bay.

Kind of ironic that the wash 'n' go tomboy now is forced to spend ages slavering on products!!


* The moisturise, moisturise, moisturise was primarily to keep my 'beautiful' scars 'beautiful' and they are.  Kind of amusing that the best one of the three isn't hers though.

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