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A Quote Worth Pondering...

Doing some reading today, in response to a growing number of people asking me questions about the about church's (and churches') views on human sexuality, so deciding I'll put a few book reviews in the next church magazine (September) and that this will form the start of a regular-ish feature looking at 'hot topics'.  Part of what I want to encourage people to do is to engage with texts that will challenge their thinking, with an open mind, rather than seeking affirmation for what they already think (whatever that might be).  In one book I just opened I found this in the foreword which I think I will quote (as emended below) in that magazine:

When you turn the last page of the book, some of you will be disappointed that [the author] didn’t go further.  And others will be concerned that [they] went too far.  Between [the first] and the last page, you’ll have your checklists in mind, waiting to see if he [she/they] says and doesn’t say things you want [them] to.  If [they] simply fulfilled your script, or someone else’s, this book would hardly be worth reading; it would just say things that have been said before.  So why not let [them] share what’s uniquely on [their] heart?  Why not listen, and appreciate, and learn?

Brian McLaren in the foreword to Love is an Orientation, Andrew Marin, IVP, Downers Grove Illinois, 2009, p 14

Some of the most formative reading I've done has been that with which I've disagreed vehemently, and some of the most liberating has been the least expected.  Not looking for more books on this topic, I have several I am already working my way through.

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