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Middled-aged Texting

Today I received by email the BUS mailing to ministers and the one from the Ministers' Wives' Fellowship to 'pass on as appropriate'.  As, strangely enough, I don't have a minister's wife to pass it on to, I thought I'd share with you all the humour bit of the offering, text abbreviations for those of a certain age:

ATD - at the doctor.
BFF - best friend fell.
BTW - bring the wheelchair.
BYOT - bring your own teeth.
FWIW -forgot where I was.
GGPBL - gotta go, pacemaker battery low.
GHA - got heartburn again.
IMHO - is my hearing aid on?
LMDO -laughing my dentures out.
OMMR - on my massage recliner.
ROFLACGU - rolling on floor laughing and can't get up.
TTYL -talk to you louder!

Not sure if Connexion has a 'funny' slot but this would surely go down well with their folk (ministers' spouses) too.


  • Catriona - the spouses in England and Wales dropped 'wives' from our title way back in the last millennium - I hadn't realised Scotland was still mWf. But I'll pass on your list to our magazine editor.
    blessings x

  • Oh yes, we're still very much SBMWF. At my first sbmWf conference I naively said we should drop the W and make it spouses instead... Apparently this would need a written motion in advance, I would have to attend the next conference (which I couldn't, I was working) to speak to the motion and it would all be terribly difficult as it would mean changing the constitution.....

    I was apalled and though still a member haven't been back to another conference

  • To be fair, it is only relatively recent that in Scotland the possibility of ministers' husbands has arisen, and there are so few of them (maybe four or five) that it is a very different context from England & Wales. I have some wonderful SBMWF members in my church who are very active and very supportive of their girlie rev.

    The ministers' meetings up here are all still Fraternals too - someone tried to get the name of the Glasgow one changed after I arrived but without success, his colleagues couldn't think of an alternative word....! Since we have to choose our 'battles' I opted to let this one go, I'd rather have them as friends (and there are some great guys around) whatever name they use.

    Would be curious to know how many male spice are in Connexion and if this is in proportion to the numbers of M/F ministers.

  • love the list! Will copy....

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