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A Mish Mash

Combine hot weather and endless hot flushes and my brain is turning to mush once more.  So this is a bit of a mish mash of stuff.

This week Richard Madeley is sitting in for Chris Evans on Radio 2.  I don't mind this, though I prefer Chris and his gang any day.  However, today there was a 'text in' on "my worst ever birthday" that made me want to take a few people by the shoulders and give them a good shaking!  For the most part the bad birthdays were things like 'didn't get what I wanted' or 'had to organise my own party' or 'saw my dress in a charity shop' (that was Judy's worst ever birthday apparently).  For goodness sake, people, grow up!  If you have no more to worry about than that, then be grateful.

Contrast today's PAYG which focused on the well loved words of Jesus, 'come to me all you who are heavy laden...'  I recalled preaching on this some three years back, when my then church was having a very tough time.  Jesus does not promise us a burden free existence; a beach holiday was the analogy that PAYG used to describe what is not offered.  What Jesus promises is a non-chaffing yoke and a light burden, one that is within our capability to carry.  If that's so, then some people I know must be very strong to carry the burdens they do as being 'light'.  And yet... my new thought for today... I have often marvelled at how, when two people each take a handle of heavy shopping bag neither finds it especially heavy.  Maybe a better contemporary illustration isn't either an ox yoke or a milk-maid's yoke (which I have heard people say Jesus meant!!!) but a shopping bag:

'Let me take one handle of your shopping bag,' says Jesus, 'and the load won't feel so heavy, your hands won't be rubbed red raw, and you'll have someone to chat to as you travel along'

If it is your birthday or a big day, I hope it's a good one for you.

If you are carrying heavy loads, I hope you find someone to take a handle and lighten them a little.

If you are having a really tough time, I pray that somehow God will come alongside you and give you peace, rest and hope.

Now, back to trying to compose a sermonette for Sunday!


  • So what makes this 'mish mash'? It's coherent, well-argued, scripturally sensitive and real. As usual. Thank you.

    If your sermonette didn't work out, you could always preach this instead and probably help a lot of people who would benefit from hearing it.

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