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Just Wondering...

Arising from a flip comment I made to someone yesterday, and maybe Dave Walker or ASBO Jesus have already done this...

If you had a remote control for your minister/vicar/rabbi/holy-person, what functions would it have?

If you had a remote control for your congregation, what functions would it have?

Obvious ones seems to be:

  • fast forward through boring sermon
  • mute button for people who drone on and on in open prayer times
  • 'gentle shake' function for those who snooze during the sermon
  • 'self-collecting' function for used communion cups (Baptist/URC model)
  • volume control for singing
  • 'make encouraging noises/smile' function for audience congregation



  • Can I have a button that gets folks volunteering?

  • 1- switch to turn off whistling hearing aids
    2- synchronisation switch so that organist and congregation finish hymn at same time [pref at faster tempo]

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