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Oh My Giddy Aunt...

... I happened upon this yesterday which has to be the most cringingly awful parody of worship ever.  I was waiting for the spoof to be delcared, waiting for the punchline, but no, it seems it is actually someone's idea of worship.  What can I say?  'Sorry God' seems to be the only response possible.  (So why am I posting it then?  Maybe as a kind of reminder to self and others of our potential for self delusion)


  • Strange. It's the response of the congregation that gets me. Why are they going along with this? Are you sure this is genuine??

  • Hi Ronnie, no not absolutely certain - but the link that led me to it is fairly reliable and I have done a bit of trawling to try to ascertain if it is an elaborate spoof without success.

    Hope all is well in the west midlands.

  • Sorry.... I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole clip.... although I am wondering what you searched to happen across the clip!


  • LOL, it was the blog of an Australian Emerging Church guy I follow from time to time http://mattstone.blogs.com/

  • If I end up singing "you spin me right round Jesus" in clinic this afternoon I will blame you...

  • LOL, now that would be a sight for sore eyes! I gather there is some irony, deliberate or otherwise, in the choice of this song given its origins. Suffice to say I won't be suggesting the church choir learn it...

  • horribly sticky tune (the sort that get stuck in your head) but the words!!!!!!!!
    a-yu, kay-uh
    make a love train??
    and they don't seem to know what a dos-a-dos actually is

    wonder what the smell was like with all those socks being waved...

  • It is a sign - we should all take off our sandal, just as he has!


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