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Something very special is going to happen either later today or tomorrow... I'm going to become a foster carer... for an orphaned cat.

This time last year I was seriously contemplating looking for a cat and had begun trawling the websites of local cat rescue shelters for a suitable house-cat.  I didn't want a kitten or a young cat, and I wanted one who would be content to be left on her own while I am out.  Ideally I wanted one who is OK with people as I like to have folk round, sometimes in quite large numbers.

Events then took the turn they did, and there was no way I could consider taking on anything new.

I have to admit I had not been thinking catwise again, but when this particular cat was orphaned quite suddenly, I felt it was absolutely right to offer her a foster home.

Holly is nine years old, and a gorgeous long-haired black and white cat (no songs about "Rev'rend Cat and her black and white cat", please) and I will post some photos once she arrives.  Today she is having a bit of beauty treatment at the vet and I am about to cat-friendly-fy my house so that when she arrives she feels welcome.

Suffice to say, this cat-loving minister is as gleeful as a child at the prospect of her arrival.

Altogether now, the minister's cat is an adorable cat... (please feel free to continue via comments; you can use a pseudonym or put 'anon' in the name box if you don't want people to know you're playing!!)

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