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Back Again

Home after what feels like ages away!  It was good to catch up with my folks and also to spend a few days doing theology with a load of other Baptists.  Not sure yet what I will post about any of that... still processing stuff I think.  Very glad I went but now, having been squished into an overtsuffed train so unable to write my sermon, I have to spend tomorrow playing catch-up.

For the benefit of the person who claimed not to know it, here is the story of the balloon family (without me getting uncontrollable giggles failing to tell it correctly at midnight)....

A family of balloons, daddy balloon, mummy balloon and little boy balloon lived in a tiny house. They were so poor they only had one bed, which they all shared. One night little boy balloon stayed up to watch TV while his mum and dad went to bed. Later he went to join them but found that they were taking up too much room, so he let a little bit of air out of his dad. He still couldn't get in, so he let a bit of air out of his mum. There still wasn't quite enough room so he let a bit of air out of himself, finally managing to squeeze into the bed. Next morning at breakfast daddy balloon frowned at his son as he began to tell him off, " I need a word with you master balloon, last night ... you let me down, you let your mother down, but most important of all you let yourself down!

I told you it was bad.

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