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Ready for Off...

shine front.jpgSo here I am in the Shine teeshirt, using the self-timer on my camera, trying to look as if I'm not looking at the camera and wondering how long before everyone susses I take these pics in my bathroom so I can use the mirror to see what's in field?!

In between now and this evening I will be getting together the other items...

  • clear plastic poncho in readiness for rainstorms of biblical proportions (it is Glasgow after all)
  • ridiculous bright pink (just for Julie's benefit) beanie rain hat
  • borrowed head torch - not sure it's needed but it is advised
  • if I can find them, some reflective/fluorescent armbands so I show up a bit more
  • a whole pack of glow sticks to share with team members
  • my fancy new water bottle
  • my hiker's "utility belt"
  • some 'squirrel bars'
  • GSOH
  • Grit and determination
  • bag of stuff for Cancer Research UK to sell in their charity shops

003.JPGIf you happen to be in Glasgow late tonight and find yourself trampled under the feet of thousands of nutters in black teeshirts, lookout for 10248 (I like the geometric progression of the last three digits, I think the '10' is a red herring) and say 'hello'


And another 'altered worship' yomping song...

Shine Glasgow walkers

Step out in the darkness

Head torches so they can see

Black are the teeshirts and coloured the glow sticks

Walking around the city


So here we are to step out

Here we are to raise cash

Together we will be beat cancer

And it's all together worth it

All together needed

All together we will beat cancer...


And we still don't know how much it costs

To make this become a thing of the past...


repeat chorus ad nauseam and fade.  (apologies to Tim Hughes)


PS If you are in NW England you may still be able to get tickets for Annie's bash in Ormskirk tonight

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