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Bread and Jam

Recently I have been making a few adjustments to what I eat based on some research I've read which, whilst not conlcusive, seems to indicate possible detriment of some widepsread food-stuffs.  Having now started to read more labels more closely, I discover that one particular item is present in the vast majority of bought bread and cake, and whilst I'm not going to lose sleep over what I've eaten in the past, my choices seem to be (a) give up eating any bread, cake or biscuits (b) make my own.

So today, spotting a breadmaker on offer at half price in my preferred supermarket, I purchased it and look forward to experimenting with homemade bread without the hard work of the kneading phase or the need for an airing cupboard (which I don't have) for the proving phase...  What confused me, briefly, was that it has a 'jam' setting - it transpires the same device can also be used for making jam.  Brilliant!  Just need them to go the next stage now and design one that can slice the bread and spread on the jam for me...

I am reaching the conclusion that my days of using pre-made anything much foodwise are over as most things either contain things I'm allergic too or products I'm trying to avoid.  No doubt a healthier future awaits.


  • If you are looking for an independent sampler (assessor) of your bread, just give me a call ;-)

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